KitchenAid Stone Island 9-Burner Grill


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          KitchenAid™ 9-Burner Island Grill

          5 Main Burners with 1 Rear Burner, 1 Searing Side Burner and 2-Turbo Side Burner

          Bring your love of cooking outdoors with our exclusive and newly designed KitchenAid™ island gas grill. Exquisitely manufactured utilizing the highest quality materials and workmanship, this grill will surely heat things up for you and your family. Fully featured with a large primary cooking area, separate high intensity searing and grilling area (built into the side module) and ceramic infrared rear burner (for professional rotisserie) -- the KitchenAid™ island gas grill will allow your chef to prepare any type of grilled delicacy.

          The cooking performance of this product is second to none — the KitchenAid™ island provides evenly controlled heat throughout the primary cooking area. The ceramic infrared searing burner provides intense searing heat for the juiciest steaks, chops and seafood — cooks meats in half the time, seals in the juices and flavor, leaves them charred on the outside and rare in the middle with just 2-3 minutes of cooking time.

          304 stainless steel construction of all grilling components, countertop and foldable extended side shelves. This material will last and maintain its appearance for years. The KitchenAid™ outdoor island gas grill has everything you need and it is built to last with the quality you expect from KitchenAid™.


          • 5 x 10,000 BTU Linear 304 1.2mm thick stainless steel main burners (10 year LIMITED warranty against perforation on stainless steel main burners)
          • 15,000 BTU Ceramic searing side burner (produces intense heat for searing meats)
          • 2 x 12,000 BTU side burners with reversible cast iron cooking grids for additional cooking options
          • 13,000 BTU Ceramic infrared rear burner

          • Seamless welded double layer 304 stainless steel hood
          • White LED accent lights in the main control panels
          •  304 stainless steel foldable side shelves (provides extra prep space)
          • Continuous automatic electronic ignition, turn and ignite — with individual igniter for each burner