Blackstone ProSeries 2 Burner 28" Outdoor Cabinet Griddle with Hood


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          Griddle up a feast like a pro with the Blackstone ProSeries 2 Burner 28" Propane Griddle with Cabinet and Hood. Built-in hood for steaming, smoking, and cleanliness. Have everything you need at a single cooking station to save trips back inside or to the car. Hang your grilling tools on one side shelf with hooks and a magnetic bar, while using the opposite side to hold paper towels and a waste bag. Store a gas tank and other safe items under the griddle in an enclosed area. Pair this griddle with other pieces from the Blackstone ProSeries collection or any professional Blackstone griddling tools to enhance your griddling experience.

          • Two stainless-steel, H-shaped burners
          • Magnetic bar for placing metal cookware
          • Side shelf hooks for hanging cookware
          • Paper towel holder
          • Trash bag holder
          • Enclosed storage space for gas tank (Tank sold separately)
          • Functional cabinet doors
          • Sturdy, spacious prep shelves
          • Rolled steel griddle surface
          • Season griddle per owner manual instructions prior to use
          • Assembled dimensions: 59.7" L x 25.8" W x 41.2" H
          • Model #2007

          No matter what family looks like for you, a Blackstone griddle can bring everyone together to share a delicious home-cooked meal.

          Blackstone has brought families and friends together through food since 2008, with arguably the most innovative array of griddles and griddle accessories on the market. Whether you are an avid Blackstone user, or you are just being introduced, there is a Blackstone for everyone. You can cook most anything on a Blackstone; breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, you name it! Griddle More with Blackstone.

          Blackstone 28" ProSeries Griddle with Hood and Cabinet

          Heavy Duty Griddle Surface

          The 519-square-inch griddle top is made of cold rolled steel for an even and controlled heat. Fill it up with all your favorite foods with no worries about cooking for large groups.

          Easy Access

          Side shelves give access to easy prep space, and feature a magnetic tool bar and side shelf hooks for all your griddle tools. The side shelves can fold down to take up less space when not in use.

          Long Life Stainless Steel Burners

          Two independently controlled stainless steel tube burners produce a combined 60,000 BTUs.

          Convenient and Easy Cleanup

          The rear grease management system and garbage and paper towel holders allow for quick clean-up. Don't forget to get disposable grease cups to make it even easier!

          Propane Tank Storage and More

          This griddle features a door for hiding away your propane tank, and another door perfect for storing your spices, spatulas and more.

          For That Special Backyard Experience

          The superior design with dark gray steel, griddle hood, and sleek, easy-to-use knobs and handles will bring your backyard and the family together.

          Industrial Wheels

          Each corner of this griddle has an industrial-grade wheel so it can be moved across a level outdoor space. Two of the wheels have locking mechanisms to keep the griddle in place once you've selected the perfect spot.


          The food combination possibilities are endless with your Blackstone Griddle. Make the perfect food for any occasion. Head over to to get inspired.




          Cooking Surface Width


          Number of Burgers


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          Stainless-steel burners, enclosed cabinet

          Total Cooking Area

          524 sq in


          North Atlantic Imports LLC

          Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

          59.70 x 25.80 x 41.20 Inches