Blackstone 2-Burner 28" Griddle with Air Fryer Combo


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          With the Blackstone 28-Inch Griddle With Air Fryer, you can do it all: bake, sear, roast, saute, and air fry. This one of a kind griddle makes cooking the simplest of meals that much more satisfying. The 524-square-inch cooking surface with two independent cooking zones provides you with all the room you need to cook meals for large groups of people. It also has one 2-quart air fryer drawer and a warming drawer, so you can cook up some fries while griddling a tasty smash burger on your griddle surface. With everything you can do with this griddle, you'll be drooling before you can even take it out of the box. We have included all of your favorite features including a hood to safe-keep your griddle top, accessory storage hooks, accessory storage magnets, and dual shelves.
          • Blackstone 28"  Propane Griddle with Electric Air Fryer
          • 2 independently controlled cooking zones with a combined 34000 BTUs
          • Airfryer drawer to roast, bake, and fry
          • 4 industrial strength wheels
          • 524-square-inch cooktop surface
          • Rolled steel griddle top
          • Stainless steel H-style burners
          • Assembled dimensions: 60" L x 27" W x 42" H
          • Warming drawer to keep food ready to serve
          • Rear grease management system
          • Magnetic tool bar for easy access
          • Side shelf hooks for griddle tools
          • Model #1785

          No matter what family looks like for you, a Blackstone griddle can bring everyone together to share a delicious home-cooked meal.

          Do More with a Griddle

          A Blackstone Griddle opens up endless variety. From pancakes, bacon, and hash browns to burgers, tacos, and stir fry. Independent heat zones allow you to cook multiple foods at different temperatures, all at the same time. With so many meal options, you can challenge yourself and make something new, or make family favorites over and over again.

          Cook Confidently

          Griddles built to be user-friendly. Propane fueled with an electric igniter; it doesn't get easier than that. firing up a Blackstone flat top grill is a cinch. Once you get cooking, you'll find that griddles are easy to manage and master. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, cooking on a Blackstone is an experience anyone can enjoy.

          Quality Homemade Meals

          Delicious, quality food doesn't have to come from a restaurant. Forget paying to have food delivered to your home. Fire up your griddle instead, and save the tip for yourself. Cook balanced meals with all the food groups on a single surface. Make restaurant quality food for every homemade meal; visit to get inspired.

          Simple To Clean

          We love an easy clean-up as much as we love good food. It's what inspired our patented rear grease management system. Once you've finished making an amazing meal, simply scrape all excess grease and food into the grease cup, add a fresh coat of oil and your griddle is ready to roll. Even stubborn, stuck-on food comes off easily, just add a little water to loosen it up before scraping. 

          Blackstone 2-Burner 28" Griddle with Electric Air Fryer and Hood

          Air Fryer Capacity

          Enjoy added versatility with the 4-quart electric air fryer. Make fries, hot wings, onion rings and more while simultaneously grilling your favorite cookout foods. The second drawer will help keep food warm as you work through a few batches.

          Heavy Duty Griddle Surface

          Whether you are cooking for 2 or 20, with 525 sq in of rolled steel to work with, you'll have the space you need to cook enough for everyone. Use just one heat zone when cooking for a smaller group, and know the second one is there whenever you need it.

          Easy Access

          Foldable side shelves give convenient access to prep space, a magnetic tool bar and side shelf hooks for all your griddle tools. This cooking station also sports wheels on each leg for portability, and a lower brace to keep the body structure nice and sturdy.




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